" Wasabi - The Spice Of Life "

SUSHI and SASHIMI are more delicious when WASABI is added.
This is such an album.
*SASHIMI is sliced raw fish.   *WASABI is japanese horseradish.

1. A.C.A.P (as close as possible)  feat. Luka Megurine
2. Sakuya-Konohana (This flowers blooms)  feat. Luka Megurine
3. Chocolate Revival  feat. Miku Hatsune Append
4. Rhythm Of Love  feat. Miku Hatsune
5. Umakuikanai (I don't think It will work out.)  feat. Luka Megurine
6. Guru Guru  feat. Miku Hatsune Append
7. Tik-Tak  feat. Miku Hatsune
8. Primura  feat. Luka Megurine
9. Oyasuminasai (Good-Night)  feat. Luka Megurine
* All songs are sung by "Vocaloid" the voice synthesizer.



Illustration : Chii (0108 -Otoya-)
Drums, Percussions, Vocaloids Edit, Compose on tr.7 and etc : Pandacchi
Compose, Arrange and All other Instruments : Chiquewa
Recording, Mix, Mastering and Jacket Design : Sasakama Studio, Osaka Japan

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